Once you have submitted your form, Dr. Gardner will review your homeohelpline. You will receive a copy of your helpline results in the email with 24 hours. If any additional information is required, you will receive an email, or phone call containing additional questions.

After the completion of your helpline you will receive a suggested protocol consisting of homeopathics, herbs, supplements and dietary suggestions. If you choose yes at the bottom of the form we will also send a copy of this suggested protocol to Archeus Supply, our preferred provider for homeopathics, herbs and supplements.

Please keep in mind: The homeohelpline service is not intended to take the place of emergency medical care. If you feel that you are experiencing a life-threatening situation we suggest that you go immediately to your local hospital.

The helpline is to be used only for acute situations. For chronic, or long-standing illness please visit www.cindeegardner.com or email pam@cindeegardner.com to request a full case analysis packet.