Helping people around the world, by phone and online.
For over 30 years, Dr. Gardner  has built a reputation as a skilled homeopath- including a reputation for having a high rate of success healing chronically ill persons (and may pets as well). Over the years, word of her success has spread from the small Pittsburgh homeopathic community, to the Eastern United States, to now- literally- all over the world. Recent advancements in technology- especially the Internet- have allowed her to take consultations in real-time and heal persons from Indiana and India alike!
This was a service unique to her clinic- one in which a person did not have to be a patient of the office to receive timely suggestions when you had an acute condition, and wanted expert advice about which natural medicine was most appropriate. In fact, for years, while other practitioners were insisting that effective homeopathic medicine had to be practiced as a result of a face-to-face meetings, Dr. Gardner was effectively prescribing homeopathic and herbal protocols using the Homeo-Help Line.
Now, you can join thousands of like-minded individuals who have benefited from this service online.
Dr. Gardner personally performs every Homeo-Help Line and gives a full panoply of medical recommendations tailored to your unique case, including:  Homeopathic remedies,  custom herbs that are made to your individual specification (as per Dr. Gardner's advice) dietary planning, aromatherapy,  and supplements if needed.
This service is not intended to replace common sense first-aid and emergency care, but rather to give people information about what natural therapies have worked in place of over-the-counter drugs that often have unwanted and serious side effects.
If you have a chronic illness, please go to the website and learn more about whether a full-case analysis would be better suited to treat your illness.